VIOMODA | Pfaff 8303i
VioModa specializes in functional fabrics for the outdoor- and sportswear markets. Our Bulgarian factory is specialized in cutting, sewing and bonding and provides all-inclusive services for active sportswear & workwear brands.
functional fabrics outdoor sportswear all-inclusive services workwear brands cutting, sewing and bonding ultrasonic
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Pfaff 8303i

New progammable hot-air taping machine for classical sealing

On the continuously growing market of innovative textiles joining methods are constantly being scrutinized. For quite some time needle and thread have been losing their claim to exclusivity in this eld. During the sewing process the needle penetrates the textile fabric and pulls a thread behind it. In “regular” textiles this does not leave behind any major damage. In technical textiles it could, however, destroy the surface and thus compromise the textile properties. Welding machines on the other hand like VIOMODAS Pfaff 8303i uses hot air, and not affecting materials properties. Moreover, welding offers additional advantages e. g. high impermeability (watertight, gastight, airtight), no disruptive resp. bulky seam, no use of consumables such as needle, thread or glue.


May 19, 2016