Our Process

  • Design & development

Design& Development

Whether we do the design or use your sketches, the number of possibilities open to you are endless.
By visiting fairs and remaining up to date with the very latest news, ideas and technical literature , we are able to identify coming trends and convert them. From the initial design we generate technical sketches, which form the basis for further treatment of the product, and allow us to plan and optimize each step of the
The expertise and experience of our employees means that we are able to offer you the full range of processing possibilities and solutions to make sure that each finished product fits seamlessly into your collection.

Pattern Making

With our many years of experience in pattern making, we are able to fulfill your every requirement. Our technicians work with the latest assyst software on which we can also adapt your existing patterns. The patterns are cut in our fully equipped sample sewing hall and are produced using the latest machinery and technologies.

Within the shortest time possible you will have access to prototypes done up in the desired materials. As soon as the prototype has been approved by you at your location, we are ready for production.

Motive production

The options open to you are various. Equipped with know-how and the necessary technology, we are in a position to arrange all kinds of prints, embroideries and laser cuts, regardless of your motif. The materials we use are chosen for their functionality, as well as for the esthetic quality they bring to your product. During production the materials are continuously tested to ensure that they live up to the most exacting demands.
We can also offer you our expertise in state of the art techniques, such as ultrasonic- and other types of welding.

Fabrics and accessories

From our extensive fabric archives we propose the most suitable materials. Additionally we can develop new fabrics to fit your needs. We use the most innovative yarns, the newest knitting techniques, and convert them on the most modern knitting machines. All our materials are sourced from leading manufacturers world-wide, and conform to the ├ľkotex 100 standards. From single jersey to high-quality surface materials, we can procure them all.
Our huge accessory archive is at your disposal, to suit your every requirement, but we can also offer
personalized versions.

Production & Success

The physical conversion of your ideas.
Our highly modern production plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was completed in 2014 and is the base for the friction-free conversion of your products. Equipped with state of the art machinery and the necessary infrastructure for export and dispatch, our facility provides ideal conditions for the optimal realization of your ideas.

The ambition, curiosity and dedication of our staff is the basis for our outstanding results.
The pursuit of innovative solutions, and perfection is what drives us. This is the foundation of our success. Our success is your success.