VIOMODA | hot air welding
VioModa specializes in functional fabrics for the outdoor- and sportswear markets. Our Bulgarian factory is specialized in cutting, sewing and bonding and provides all-inclusive services for active sportswear & workwear brands.
functional fabrics outdoor sportswear all-inclusive services workwear brands cutting, sewing and bonding ultrasonic
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hot air welding

the welding of several textiles- or natural-fiber-layers requires the fabrics to consist to a certain amount of thermoplastic material which is deformable by heat. Most of today’s conventionally used technical- textiles are perfectly suited for joining via welding technique, as they are based on synthetic- basic-materials.


Our new hot-air welding machines from PFAFF and Mackbi, are specially adjusted by “Busche” for our needs. They are now on a highly pricese level for continuous seams taping with water-resistant, waterproof or breathable materials. It can also be used for cross seams with 3 material plies. All tape welding operations require a high level of process reliability and a reproduc- ible quality wich we can Garantie now.


May 06, 2015