VIOMODA | We will create 60 new jobs in Tschirpan
VioModa specializes in functional fabrics for the outdoor- and sportswear markets. Our Bulgarian factory is specialized in cutting, sewing and bonding and provides all-inclusive services for active sportswear & workwear brands.
functional fabrics outdoor sportswear all-inclusive services workwear brands cutting, sewing and bonding ultrasonic
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We will create 60 new jobs in Tschirpan

VIOMODA is a Austrian company producing high tech apparel, for the international sports market in our facilities in Plovdiv , Kritschim & Tschirpan. We provide a full service: from the first rough sketch, via prototype to the final pattern and production. Our products are exported to many European countries. We recently invested approximately 500 000 € towards a new machinery park and opened up a new production Facility in Krischim which created 40 new jobs for the local community.


Tschirpan is our next step on our way.


VIOMODA has chosen to go there because we are constantly looking for experienced & motivated workers and lot of them travel every day long hours by bus or train to find work in the city. We decided to decentralize our firm and go to the countryside. With the help of the local authorities and our experience in manufacturing clothes we were able to bring the work to the people and not the other way around.


In Tschirpan we will create 60 new jobs.


For our new factories in Plovdiv, Kritschim and Tschirpan we are looking to recruit motivated tailors. We offer good working conditions in a modern factory and competitive salaries plus additional bonuses based on work performed.


If you live in Tschirpan and want to work in our new plant?


No problem we offer all applicants advanced or with little or no experience as a seamstress paid enrollment in our current facility in Plovdiv. Transport from Tschirpan to Plovdiv will be also arranged by VIOMODA until the new factory in Tschirpan is ready for production, which will be in August.


Our salaries range from 450 to 1000 BGN (Gross)


Interested? CALL:
Petja Trambeva
+359 (0) 882 950 366