VioModa specializes in functional fabrics for the outdoor- and sportswear markets. Our Bulgarian factory is specialized in cutting, sewing and bonding and provides all-inclusive services for active sportswear & workwear brands.
functional fabrics outdoor sportswear all-inclusive services workwear brands cutting, sewing and bonding ultrasonic
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Dear Customers, Suppliers, Friends and Partners,


We would like to give you an update regarding the current situation with Covid-19 (Coronavirus ) and the actions we will take here at Viomoda.


We are taking the situation very seriously. Both our companies in Bulgaria and Austria are in continuous dialogue with the authorities. We will keep you informed abut any further developments.


To minimise the risk of further infection and the spread of the virus, we recommend that all of our customers do not to visit our production facilities. Our facilities are constantly monitored and continuously cleaned and disinfected in order to maintain production.


We are treating the Coronavirus very seriously and hope that we can get through this difficult time in the safest way possible as well as continuing to work.


We will be providing updates to our customers and suppliers if there are any changes that justify alternative measures.


Best Regards,

The Management Team.